We invite you to enjoy Yucatan’s Maya Culture in luxury green travel at 10% discount prices when you book with us.

We love to travel green & Yucatan, Mexico has gained our respect as the “Best Vacation Choice”.  We have made in the last few years. The Yucatan Peninsula offers:

  • eco-activities & cultural experiences
  • fabulous sites to explore
  • great food
  • majestic Mayan archaeological sites to discover
  • serene Colonial cities to stroll
  • world-renown birding
  • fabulous art crafts
  • great beaches to relax

If you are looking for something beyond the all-inclusive travel, then we can help you through our curated catalog of Places To Stay, Things To Do, & What To Eat in the Yucatan.  We know that your vacation time is precious for you and your family. We have selected the best green travel places, top Yucatan Haciendas, Eco-Spa Wellness Destinations, & boutique hotels to bring you a small, but truly valuable collection of our favorite places so that you can have the best time during your vacation.

Each property we recommend is a place we have stayed at before and that other trusted travelers have verified as places with a truly charming ambiance, gourmet healthy cuisine, excellent friendly service, location, unique home-style accommodations, & traditional hospitality. We offer you a 10% discount from the total reservation charges that these excellent hotels give their direct clients! At this time we focus on Chichen Itza and Merida, but are constantly looking to expand your options.

  • Chichen Itza, Yucatan is one of the New 7 Wonders of the World for a reason: it is majestic in scale and human accomplishment.
  • Merida, Yucatan is also a great place in which to immerse yourself in cultural experiences, with its vast colonial history. Take a stroll through one of the largest historical centers in the Americas, and feel like a local.

Chichen Itza day-trip tours originating from the Maya Riviera and other short visits only give you enough time to take a snap-photo, but that is not the type of travel we recommend. For that reason, we don’t offer those types of tours to you. Instead, we recommend you take the time to enjoy each place you stay & explore the areas around it. By doing this, you will truly feel & experience what Yucatan offers to its visitors. so pack light, get ready for a great Yucatan eco-travel experience with us, your Travel Yucatan today eco-cultural experts supporting green travel in Yucatan, Mexico.

For fun eco-cultural travel ideas that can enrich your stay in the Yucatan, we recommend you visit www.yucatanadventure.com.mx, a great eco-travel guide for the Yucatan. This online volunteer Travel Guide is full of interesting articles about the Yucatan, Maya culture, Mayan traditions, Maya Spa experiences, Mayan Archaeological cities such as Chichen Itza. It is a great resource for eco-travel news clips that help you start your planning vacation by knowing what kind of activities you are looking to include during whatever time you have.